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Gites are open since June 5th, 2020. We follow Atout France recommendations. Let's spend holidays peace of mind at Clos La Richaudiere

New health organization 2020

  • Marie is the person responsible for health and hygiene at Clos La Richaudière. Marc is co-responsible for health and hygiene. Our commitment: to welcome you at Clos La Richaudière for a real family holiday in complete safety!
  • This year, we will wear a mask to welcome you at Clos La Richaudière. For your stay, we provide you with disposable masks and hand sanitizer.
  • In July, August and September, weeks have 6 nights and 13 nights fortnights. We set up 24-hour health fallow between two locations and we only rent three cottages on the 5 that compose the property. So we will limit the number of people staying at Clos La Richaudière and we will respect the physical distancing allowing you to spend your holiday with peace of mind.

For your health and safety

  • You will find upon arrival in your cottage a bottle of alcohol-based cleaning products, wipes. If necessary we can provide disposable masks. We will give you the keys to your villa in a vacuum packaging; they have been previously disinfected.

Sanitary protocol: cleaning and disinfection

  • We protect our employees and we protect you
  • Our priorities have always hygiene and cleanliness. In the current context of Covid-19, we are strengthening our health protocols and maintenance so strict, even stricter than usual. Each member of the preparation team is wearing a gown, mask, disposable gloves, overshoes. Hydro-alcoholic gel is permanently available. Passing a cottage to another, we change clothes.
  • Clos La Richaudière is in the country, in the countryside. We open all windows and doors to the garden and nature to ventilate and air as much as possible during the time between cleaning and rentals. Clean, fresh air, sweet scents of the fields.
  • To clean and disinfect all surfaces (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, floors, …), we use the product Elispray A of Hydrachim society. It is a bactericidal disinfectant, fungicidal and virucidal; efficiency conforms to EN 14476; we want the datasheet for this product available. The entire cleaning and disinfection is performed with microfibers wipes washable at 90 degrees, we change between each part and each cottage (cottage color code).
  • We work with high pressure steam vacuum cleaner to clean all surfaces (toilets, showers, kitchen work surfaces, floors, windows and textiles).
  • To disinfect footboards, bedside tables, appliances, closets handles, doorknobs, remote controls, … we use disinfectant wipes.

Health protocol: bed linen and towels

  • Bed linen, duvet covers and pillow cases are packed in plastic film; each packet can prepare a bed Bath Linens and towels are also packaged in plastic film, a lot corresponds to a host. All linen is maintained by an industrial laundry, the ACT rehabilitation association in Châteauroux. This laundry decontaminates the machine then washes it, dries, the returns and the conditions according to a protocol approved by the Prefecture of Indre.
  • Each mattress, protected from alèze is then covered with a mattress protector disposable protective. We also cover them with a pillow over-protective disposable.
  • The turndown is done with gloves and a mask. However, if you wish, we can let the machine of packed bed; and you will make the beds yourself on arrival.
  • Finally be noted that the toiletries offered in the cottages are individual doses changed with each new guest.

Pool, spa, sauna and hygiene

  • We have completely renovated the pool liner in 2019. Nine of the cottages, it ensures perfect hygiene qualities. The treatment of pool water chlorine is used as a hygiene product. The high performance filter system is very new. We spray disinfectant solution on the tiles in the pool deck to ensure strict hygiene. In July and August 2020, access to the pool will be through slots and cottage to ensure good physical distancing. After each pass, we désinfecterons the tiles around the pool, the seats under the cover pool, the door handles and the outdoor shower.
  • The spa and sauna, enjoy a daily maintenance and after each user. The hot tub filtration system is in service mode every night for 8 hours. We use chlorine to disinfect water jacuzzi.
  • We define slots for using the pool and spa for every family in July and August 2020 to preserve the physical distancing in these spaces.

Sanitary protocol: common areas

  • The sanitary protocols applied to the cottages are the same for the common areas. The maintenance crew cleans and disinfects areas playroom, gym and laundry regularly. We now put wipes available in public areas. The game room will open access under the responsibility of everyone; thank you adults to accompany children. On request, we will open the fitness center, as often as you like; disinfection will take place after each use.
  • We close the library and the web corner this year for health reasons.
  • Enjoy a second football and playground balls in the large meadow next to the garden. Children can romp safely.

Emergency Health Information

  • In case of medical emergency, you can always call on 15.
  • The green number that answers questions about the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2 Covid-19) is open 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7: 0800130000.
  • The nearest GPs are Dr. Lorraine Galland and Dr. Jérôme mill house Medical Châtillon-sur-Indre – 13 avenue de Verdun – phone from Monday to Friday, February 54 38 76 05.
  • The hospital of Châtillon-sur-Indre (8 km) has a room of first aid – telephone + 33 2 54 02 33 33.
  • The hospital of Loches offers emergency and resuscitation service.
  • Tours of hospitals (chu chu bretonneau and Trousseau) are easily accessible (1 hour drive) ; they offer emergency services, intensive care and high-level services in all medical specialties. – – The Clocheville CHU supports children in pediatric units advanced.
  • Several nursing practices can intervene at home in Châtillon-sur-Indre (+ 33 2 54 38 92 07) and Clion-sur-Indre.
  • the closest pharmacies are pharmacy of the keep (+ 33 2 54 38 74 67) or the pharmacy of the center (+ 33 2 54 38 71 83) in Chatillon-sur-Indre pharmacy Clion-sur-Indre (+ 33 2 54 38 64 94).

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