Marie et Marc… “we were living in Lyon. We spent a lot of years traveling for business in France, in Europe and all around the world. around 10 years ago we decided to change our way of living. And we started to look for a nice and peaceful place in the French countryside, close to the Loire Valley. And finally we have fallen in love for this unique property with beautiful grounds and buildings, with a small lake and centenarian oak trees. In addition to this we are lucky to have neighbours who are very nice farmers.”

Marie … “I was born in Châteauroux, between Berry and Touraine, close to the Loire Valley. I love this part of France which I know very well and I really enjoy sharing history of the region, culture and nature. I worked for many years in big international companies but I prefer what I am doing today! I am able to speak english, german and spanish. Now I am involved with Marc in our own business and I am doing international consultancy for small size local companies”.

Marc … “I sold out my human resources companies. I am retired but very busy taking care of our property! I am delighted to be an ambassador of our region”.

Marie et Marc …”We are so happy to live at Clos de La Richaudiere with our ducks on the lake, our neighbours’ horses, red squarrels, rabbits, and many species of birds from the Brenne park”.

Marie & Marc

Clos de La Richaudière owners

marie et marc van lul portrait fleuri